US-Cuba Relations

By Bri Vazquez Smith ~ Today we went to Florida International University for a lecture and conversation on US Cuba relations led by Jorge Duany, Director of the Cuban Research Institute at FIU. I think it’s always interesting to hear different people’s opinions from both sides, and he shared a popular opinion, that the embargo … More US-Cuba Relations


By Michael Malone ~  Today we started our day by going to the United States embassy where we had a lecture with a member of the embassy staff. The lecture explained the history of the relationship between the United States and the Cuban government and people. The embassy itself is located right along the main … More Embarrysing

US-Cuba Relations From The Cuban Perspective

Billy Fenton ~   One of my favorite sayings that was running consistently through my mind during today’s lecture was “history is written by the victors.” Camilo Garcia, a former diplomat for the Cuban government, gave us a lecture on US-Cuba relations today, focusing on the history of contemporary interactions between the two countries. Garcia said there are … More US-Cuba Relations From The Cuban Perspective