The Entranceway

By Asa Schauffler ~ After our visit to the museum of the Revolution, we went to lunch in Old Havana.  We sat in the front room of a small paladar.  The room was certainly a bit too small for the size of our group.  Throughout the whole lunch I found myself bumping elbows with my … More The Entranceway

Trust me, I’m an architect (but not really)

By Sam Leinberger ~ The architecture in Havana is absolutely beautiful. Walking through the Historic Center of Old Havana felt as though I was transported through time. One aspect of Cuban architecture that was common throughout Historic Havana was the use of courtyards. These courtyards, like the one at the Captain General’s palace, brings the … More Trust me, I’m an architect (but not really)

Something New

Danya Nadel       ~       I am not a person who gets to travel a lot. I am not a person who likes to do things alone. I am not multilingual and I don’t think I ever will be (concussions are serious kids, be safe).I don’t know how to pack. I don’t … More Something New