Little Havana

Zachary Rimmer ~   La mayoría de mi tiempo en Miami fue en Pequeña Habana. Yo aprendí mucho sobre la historia de la pequeña Habana y los cubanos que se salieron de Cuba. Pequeña Habana es un lugar que los cubanos pueden hacer una nueva casa afuera de Cuba. La influencia de la cultura de … More Little Havana

US-Cuba Relations From The Cuban Perspective

Billy Fenton ~   One of my favorite sayings that was running consistently through my mind during today’s lecture was “history is written by the victors.” Camilo Garcia, a former diplomat for the Cuban government, gave us a lecture on US-Cuba relations today, focusing on the history of contemporary interactions between the two countries. Garcia said there are … More US-Cuba Relations From The Cuban Perspective

Hemingway House

Lily Vansciver  ~    The neighborhood that Hemingway lived in was at one time probably rather quiet and nondescript, hidden away and going unnoticed. It was now the exact opposite, full of tourist traffic; so many Traveltur buses lined the streets, lots of people with fanny packs attached to their waists, big cameras hanging from … More Hemingway House