Morose Moros

Mitchell Baker  ~  It’s our last day in Cuba. I got off the bus wondering if we were going to be joined by the same Cuban students who attended the first cross-cultural dinner, and as we entered the restaurant I saw Glenda, the student who organized these two encounters, but not the other students. Then I was distracted–and … More Morose Moros

Murleando Community Project or Casa Cultural de Murleando

Alexandria Keith  ~ The Community Project Started in 2001. The town elders realized that they wanted their families to live in a better place, and we met with Ernesto, who was one of the original men who came up with the idea of the community project. He teaches psychology and Russian at the Universidad de Havana; he … More Murleando Community Project or Casa Cultural de Murleando

Arroz y Frijoles

  Sabrina Rodrigues  ~   Creciendo, siempre he comido arroz con frijoles. Muchas personas comparan la cultura Portuguesa a la cultura Hispánica, aunque son dos etnicidades diferentes. Todavía, hay algunos aspectos que son similares entre Portugal y los países hispanos. Por ejemplo, con el base que tengo, siendo Portuguesa, he encontrado que la comida Latino Americana, … More Arroz y Frijoles