Box of Lies

By Michael Malone~ May 24th was quite a touristy day for us in Cuba. In the morning we went to a cigar factory and got to see how they make cigars, and at the end of the day we also got to go to a cannon firing ceremony. The day was jam packed with touristy … More Box of Lies


By Michael Malone ~  Today we started our day by going to the United States embassy where we had a lecture with a member of the embassy staff. The lecture explained the history of the relationship between the United States and the Cuban government and people. The embassy itself is located right along the main … More Embarrysing

The Entranceway

By Asa Schauffler ~ After our visit to the museum of the Revolution, we went to lunch in Old Havana.  We sat in the front room of a small paladar.  The room was certainly a bit too small for the size of our group.  Throughout the whole lunch I found myself bumping elbows with my … More The Entranceway

Trust me, I’m an architect (but not really)

By Sam Leinberger ~ The architecture in Havana is absolutely beautiful. Walking through the Historic Center of Old Havana felt as though I was transported through time. One aspect of Cuban architecture that was common throughout Historic Havana was the use of courtyards. These courtyards, like the one at the Captain General’s palace, brings the … More Trust me, I’m an architect (but not really)