End Of The Trip Feels


Chris Morville ~

It is the end of the trip, and although we are sad to see the trip come to an end but the past 16 days were full of excitement and new experiences that we will be able to take with us for the rest of our lives. Friendships were made that hopefully will last long after the conclusion of the trip and many of these memories will be unforgettable.

Throughout this trip we have learned an unbelievable amount about Cuba and Cuban culture both in Havana and Miami. Many of us had our own formed opinions about the country and its culture before coming to Cuba, but I don’t think anyone had an accurate depiction before we stepped off that plane. This trip showcased the contradictions between the feelings of Cuban-Americans and the feelings of Cuban’s about their own country and the regime that is part of it.

Although Cuba is on the rise and its economy is improving due to tourism, there is still a long way to go. Although freedoms have improved since the turn of the century as well, the road to democracy is nowhere in sight. In Cuba, mostly everyone makes the same amount of monthly salary, meaning that mostly everyone lives in poverty. From the U.S looking in on the way Cuba treats their citizens, this is not acceptable. Thus, (in my opinion) making the United States attempts to convert Cuba to a democracy justifiable. The United States may have the proper image for Cuba to make the average person earn a livable wage and not live in poverty.

Finally, for anyone looking to travel to Cuba, some points of advice I would say is that you have to be prepared to be completely cut off from the outside world. There will be no free Wifi and when you have the chance to pay for it, the quality is not very good. Also, you have to bring anything that you may need with you on your trip. Goods and services are at an all time low in a country like Cuba and you will not be able to find any crucial supplies in an emergency. If you come prepared, Cuba is an amazing experience.

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