The “Havana’s”

By Jasmin Garcia~

Image-1-2Little Havana in Miami compared to Havana has many similarities that I was happy to discover. At times, I thought it was a little more “Cuban” which then made me smile. Little Havana is the home away from home for the Cubans here. I admire all the different things they have done here in Miami. They really made it their own and its almost like an exact replica of Havana. From the Cuban cigars, cafecitos, and mojitos, all these aspects make for a great “Mini Havana.” Also, Little Havana is filled with bakeries, little fruit carts, and food stands with Cuban sandwiches and cafecitos. This atmosphere is very identical to that of Havana.

FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegOn the tour today we were able to explore the different aspects in a mural. Each color and shape had a different story and meaning. Calle Ocho has colorful artwork on every wall. This particularly reminded me of the Muraleando– Community project we went to. Every person was able to add to it and make it a part of them just like Cuba is a part of the.  The Cuban Heritage is still so powerful and active from the Older Cuban way to the new generation of young Cubans. There is something for every Cuban to be a part of in Little Havana.


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