An amazing meal with a view

By Jasmin Garcia~


Today was a fun filled Ernest Hemingway day! Most of our days seemed the stick to a common theme but this was one of my favorites. We were able to explore the different part of his beautiful home his favorite places in Cojimar. One place in particular called La Terraza de Cojimar. This restaurant happened to be one of his favorites to eat at. This restaurant even had a breathtaking view of the Cojimar Bay in which Hemingway would go out fishing to.

Aside from having one of the best views, the lunch we had there had to have been on of my favorites. Instead of ordering the usual pork, rice and beans, the menu had a nice selection of seafood.


I decided to order the shrimp with rice which had a few vegetables and was in a a tasty tomato sauce. I loved everything about this dish! It was filled with so many different ingredients I was somewhat surprised. After the first bite, I was in shock of how many different flavors I tasted. Before this meal, I didn’t experience a lot of meals with much flavor. It was said that spices come to be very expensive and limited which is the reason for the lack of flavor variety. This shrimp and rice dish was a part of the food I will always remember because of its unique taste among the other dishes I have had. The view was also one of the best, one that I cant possibly forget.


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