My Favorite Adventure

By Jasmin Garcia ~Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.15.43 PM

Our full day adventure at Las Terrazas and Unesco Biosphere Reserve, had to be one of the most exciting activities yet. Today, we were warmly welcomed into this small community and had a great time learning about their culture and having fun while swimming. They had areas for zip lining over the lake, many trails to go on, coffee plantation that was restored, and a few great restaurants.
Image-1During our tour of the community, we saw many different animals from flamingos and monkeys to horses and chickens. This was all so fascinating to me since this was the first time we saw so many different animals and nature aspects in one area.


When we had the chance to swim I discovered what is one of the world’s smallest frogs. It was the size of a dime and would just hop quickly across rocks or stay still for someone not even to notice it was there. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I found out this is one of the few homes for these types of frogs. I’m glad I was able to see one up close. It was an eventful day to say the least and it was one of the most memorable ones.

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