Box of Lies

By Michael Malone~

May 24th was quite a touristy day for us in Cuba. In the morning we went to a cigar factory and got to see how they make cigars, and at the end of the day we also got to go to a cannon firing ceremony. The day was jam packed with touristy activities and the souvenirs we could buy were even better. At the cannon firing they had endless tables of street merchants that were selling anything under the sun. The cigar factory by far had the best souvenirs because it contained all the stuff we couldn’t normally buy in the United States. The shop had all types of Cuban rums and Cigars, so obviously I had to look at how much a box of cigars was.

I was going through all the types of cigars from the Cohibas to the Montecristos and the prices were ranging from expensive to outrageous. I opted out of buying any cigars from the factory but lucky for me later that night I had another opportunity to buy some cigars. The bartender at our hotel was selling a box of Montecristos for only $60 which was 4 times cheaper. So obviously I had to take that deal. The box was official, it had the government seals, 25 beautiful cigars, and it was nailed shut. I bought the box of cigars and brought them back to my room, but I didn’t open them cause if I did then they could get confiscated at customs. Screenshot 2017-06-06 02.00.47

First thing I did when we got back to the states was I opened up my box of cigars and low and behold they were all fake. They were the worst looking counterfeit cigars I have ever seen. Thankfully though they were the best cigars I have ever had in my entire life. They looked completely fake but they were the best hand rolled cigars I have ever had. I would say that even though they aren’t real, they were definitely worth it.

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