Will the United States Change Cuba?

Alexandra Keith  ~
During the early 1900’s many American Tourists visted and started living in Havana Cuba. The two countries shared their cultures freely. During the roaring 20’s and later the Americans with enough money went to Cuba to enjoy the sun, beaches, show performances and casinos. The Cubans taught the americans about cigars and dancing. While the Americans shared their way of dressing, drinking and cars with the Cubans.
When tourism ended in 1959 the culture of Havana developed into something unique and that is unlike any other place in the world. The local cubans walk up to you and say “hello,” ask were you are from and start a conversation that will make you soon feel like you are great friends. The maids who clean the rooms leave a note the first day they clean your room, it always says something sweet to make you feel like your stay really does matter.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 00.15.31
Complete strangers will ask if everything is okay if anyone looks upset on the street and will start up a conversation that can last a half hour and by the end leaves you feeling as if you are close friends. There is a the culture among men that they show women they appreciate her looks. For dignified business men it is a wink for the younger men on the streets it can be whistling and calling out beautiful women.
The younger generation in Cuba are starting to partake in american culture. Many are listening to american music and watching american television shows. The younger generation has idealized the United States as a place of opportunity and way to achieve more in their lives. If the United States was to start opening up business, and create an open market in Cuba will the culture change to be more american again? The cultural combine has already happened once in the past before the revolution occurred. Will Cuba become less unique with the new shift of politics.

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