A Day in the Life of an Aquaholic

Jordan Snodgrass  ~  

varadero 1
A small sailing boat on the sandy shore of Varadero beach in Varadero, Cuba. 

Flip-flops are off and my feet now feel the warm, soft sand underneath them. The smell of salt from the ocean gradually fills my nose as my hair begins blowing in the wind. The beach is the most soothing place to me. How could someone be tense when surrounded by the gentle sounds of the crashing waves, swaying palm trees, and the sensation of the sun kissing your skin?

Varadero beach did not fail to make me feel right at home. I guess there is only so much about sand and ocean that can change no matter where you are in the world, but this specific beach exceeded my expectations. I anticipated that the beach would be packed and that the other beach-goers would be wearing scandalous swimsuits like in Europe. However, I couldn’t even pay attention to the people that surrounded me because the sky-blue water flowing tenderly onto the warm sand captivated me. “Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away” (1). The ocean was not a typical sky-blue, it resembled the color that the sky is after a storm as the rainbows begin to shine through the clouds. The way the ocean would then gracefully transform from blue to white to transparent as it neared the sand was mesmerizing.

varadero 2
The crisp, blue waters of Varadero beach that reminded me of my summers spent lounging on the Jersey shore. 


I’m not exactly sure why this beach had such a significant effect on me that me feel like I was home. Maybe it’s because my beach house allows me to spend all of my summers lounging on the comfortable sand and swimming in the crisp New Jersey ocean. Or maybe it’s because the all-inclusive resort we were at was the most “American area that we had been to yet. With modern, yet beach-y, stores and restaurants on the perimeter of the beach, our American spending tendencies were put back into use. Our group of 20 had finally found a place that made all of us feel comfortable.


Source cited: (1). Kay, Sarah. If I Should Have A Daughter.

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