San Anotonio de Los Baños: The Writing on The Wall

Mitchell Baker   ~   

Great advice from Steven Spielberg to current and future students.

“Love what you do.” – Steven Spielberg. I’ve heard it from everybody. Friends, Family, even people who I had just met. While on this trip I am doing what I love, traveling and investing myself into a new culture. And today was my favorite part of a culture. Films. A film can a lot about a culture. Even the maturity ratings of films can say something. For example our culture is ok with a man being brutally murdered on the screen, but if a little skin is shown, the rating skyrockets. The exact opposite happens in French culture.


Another quote from the university’s graffiti wall.

“Art never sleeps.” Coppola. Even when a revolution takes place. When we went to the Fundacion del Nuevo Cine Latinoamerciano, we saw a film called “Hay un Grupo Que Dice”. It was about the Group who performed Cuban music at the Casa de las Americas. The music that they had were Big Bands and did not have rock or jazz. Even when the Revolution was overtaking everything, people still created art. Later at the Latin American and TV school in San Antonio de Los Baños, we saw a production room and the film library. As you walked in the film library, you could smell the dust on the VCRs. All along the walls of the school you can see quotes like the ones I mentioned above.

I noticed the posters of movies of people who graduated from the school. One of them was called “Play”. Now I haven’t seen this movie, but as I saw the word and thought about it, I noticed that filmmaking is a kind of play. You play a video. A movie is a filmed version of a play. And if you love what you do, you never forget how to play.

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