I Dare You

Danya Nadel ~   Today is Sunday, January 17th, 2016. One in the afternoon. The majority of the group has already left to the airport to fly back to New Jersey. I’m impatiently waiting for it to be my time to go. In the first 17 days of the new year this group of students … More I Dare You


Los Cubano-Americanos en Miami: Lo que aprendí

Monica Callaghan~  Durante nuestra estancia, tuvimos muchos lectores. Un lector en Miami, José Smith, fue muy informativo e hizo muchas cosas buenas para la población cubana en Miami. Nsotros aprendemos que hay seis olas de inmigración de los cubanos a los Estados Unidos. Empezaron en 1959 durante la revolución Cubana. Comienza con la clase aristocrática, después … More Los Cubano-Americanos en Miami: Lo que aprendí

Little Havana

Zachary Rimmer ~   La mayoría de mi tiempo en Miami fue en Pequeña Habana. Yo aprendí mucho sobre la historia de la pequeña Habana y los cubanos que se salieron de Cuba. Pequeña Habana es un lugar que los cubanos pueden hacer una nueva casa afuera de Cuba. La influencia de la cultura de … More Little Havana

Morose Moros

Mitchell Baker  ~  It’s our last day in Cuba. I got off the bus wondering if we were going to be joined by the same Cuban students who attended the first cross-cultural dinner, and as we entered the restaurant I saw Glenda, the student who organized these two encounters, but not the other students. Then I was distracted–and … More Morose Moros

US-Cuba Relations From The Cuban Perspective

Billy Fenton ~   One of my favorite sayings that was running consistently through my mind during today’s lecture was “history is written by the victors.” Camilo Garcia, a former diplomat for the Cuban government, gave us a lecture on US-Cuba relations today, focusing on the history of contemporary interactions between the two countries. Garcia said there are … More US-Cuba Relations From The Cuban Perspective

Will the United States Change Cuba?

Alexandra Keith  ~ During the early 1900’s many American Tourists visted and started living in Havana Cuba. The two countries shared their cultures freely. During the roaring 20’s and later the Americans with enough money went to Cuba to enjoy the sun, beaches, show performances and casinos. The Cubans taught the americans about cigars and dancing. While the … More Will the United States Change Cuba?